Our Services

Windermere is a federation of real estate businesses and community of people who seek trust and mutual respect in each of our relationships. We serve neighborhoods throughout the Northwest and, through our affiliations with related firms, we can link to neighborhoods and services around the world.

Windermere is committed to pre-eminence among our peer firms. We build and support close-knit teams. Our wish is to foster the strength that comes from unity, while preserving the freedom each of us needs to satisfy buyers and sellers and find personal satisfaction.

The High Ethical Standards

We will continue to grow while exercising practices which meet the highest ethical and business standards.

Our greatest assets are Windermere people — the sales associates, managers, supporting staff, and owners with whom we want to sustain mutually satisfying, productive and lasting relationships. We place high priority on professional growth, development and job satisfaction, and provide all the opportunity for reward commensurate with contribution.

The services we provide will meet our clients’ needs to their complete satisfaction, while providing an above-average return to all Windermere associates.

We will be personally involved in civic and community affairs which improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods, and will contribute both financial and human resources to achieve these ends.