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Colorful Modern Design Trends for Your Home

Designing your home can feel like trying to put together a puzzle. While neutrals can help create consistency and set a calming tone in your home, color is often the missing puzzle piece that ties everything together and gives your home the life you’re looking for. Certain color combinations can create a sense of timelessness while others can help make your spaces feel modern.

Colorful Modern Design Trends for Your Home 

In recent years, sustainability, multifunctionality, and the integration of natural elements into the home have cemented themselves as modern design trends that possess serious staying power. These trends go hand-in-hand with many aspects of modern life and are often the basis of homeowners’ decorations decisions. Here’s how you can you use color to create a modern look in your home.


A colorful kitchen with mint green cabinets and red accents.

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Say “So Long!” to Neutrals

A combination of factors—people spending more time at home, remote work becoming more prevalent, the lasting effects on home life throughout the COVID-19 pandemic—have created a shift in how neutrals are viewed. Moving forward, expect to see a different take on the old “less is more” saying when it comes to home décor. Colors are officially back. Instead of minimalist, white-washed backdrops, designers suggest experimenting with more colorful landscapes to create vibrant, lively spaces. Now is the time to consider painting your kitchen cabinets something vibrant, add those multi-colored throw pillows that may have previously seemed too bold, or try out that wild idea you had for a gallery wall.


A colorful bedroom with blue walls, an orange lamp, and multicolored pillows and bedspread.

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Healing Colors

Recent times have raised homeowners’ collective awareness about the meaning of the spaces they live in and how they impact their overall wellbeing. This perspective shift has elevated the importance of earthy tones. Deep greens, organic browns, rust-tinged oranges, calming blues, and illuminating yellows are all colors that bring natural elements to mind—i.e., plants, running water, the sun. Let your imagination run wild with ways that you can incorporate these colors into your home to give it a modern effervescence.


A colorful living room with orange and yellow accents, a houseplant, and a large bookshelf behind the couch.

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Other Colorful Trends for Your Home

Tile and furniture are some other larger surface areas that can greatly benefit from a splash of color. Different tile designs can evoke different aspects of modern design and help to liven up backsplash-heavy spaces like your kitchen or your bathroom where white subway tile may leave something to be desired. Give yourself carte blanche when searching for colorful furniture. Explore bold patterns and different color combinations that complement other items in the spaces they’ll inhabit.


A colorful bathroom with orange tile flooring and orange and yellow accents.

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