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Home upkeep How to deal with Mold in the PNW. Whether you are buying or selling a home, mold is something to be mindful of. Health concerns and potential damage make mold a red flag for buyers. Even if you’re not planning to sell any time soon, taking care of mold problems now can prevent even larger and more costly issues in the future. Contrary […]
Home upkeep Pest control – A How to Guide Any evidence of a pest infestation is a bad omen for homeowners. The last thing you want on your mind is the thought that critters could be crawling through your home, wreaking havoc as they go. Being proactive about home pest control can help you prevent an infiltration, and knowing what to do at the […]
Home upkeep How to calculate the quantity of paint you need? Whether you’ve just bought a house or you’ve lived in your home sweet home for years, at some point its walls and surfaces will be due for a fresh coat of paint. Repainting can breathe new life into an interior and help you personalize the space, whether you’re working within the latest interior design trends or blazing […]
Home upkeep Is your garage ready for an EV car? Love them or hate them, electric vehicles will be our future.  A small percentage of people own them now, but the push is out there to get more people to own them.  I personally own a Toyota Prius Prime, which is a PHEV…a plug-in hybrid.  It is the best of both worlds, as the car […]
Home upkeep Colorful Modern Design Trends for Your Home Designing your home can feel like trying to put together a puzzle. While neutrals can help create consistency and set a calming tone in your home, color is often the missing puzzle piece that ties everything together and gives your home the life you’re looking for. Certain color combinations can create a sense of timelessness while others […]
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