Real Estate Understanding conflicting predictions Matthew Gardener is the chief economist at Windermere Real Estate, where he analyzes and interprets economic data and its impact on national and local real estate markets. He is also a member of several economic advisory boards and a lecturer at the University of Washington. The views expressed in this column are solely those of […]
Real Estate A Top Ten List Good news! Selling a home is not a solo endeavor. Your goal in selling your home is to get the best price in a timeframe that meets your needs. To do that, you’ll enlist a team of professionals. So, who are the parties involved in a real estate transaction? Let’s review ten important people in […]
Home upkeep How to deal with Mold in the PNW. Whether you are buying or selling a home, mold is something to be mindful of. Health concerns and potential damage make mold a red flag for buyers. Even if you’re not planning to sell any time soon, taking care of mold problems now can prevent even larger and more costly issues in the future. Contrary […]
Home upkeep Pest control – A How to Guide Any evidence of a pest infestation is a bad omen for homeowners. The last thing you want on your mind is the thought that critters could be crawling through your home, wreaking havoc as they go. Being proactive about home pest control can help you prevent an infiltration, and knowing what to do at the […]
Mortgage Have mortgage fees changed for good borrowers with excellent credit?
Home upkeep How to calculate the quantity of paint you need? Whether you’ve just bought a house or you’ve lived in your home sweet home for years, at some point its walls and surfaces will be due for a fresh coat of paint. Repainting can breathe new life into an interior and help you personalize the space, whether you’re working within the latest interior design trends or blazing […]
Real Estate 5 Common Myths about selling your home. Selling your home is a crash course in real estate education. You’ll learn how to work with your real estate agent to find a buyer and sell at the right price. As you prepare to sell, it’s important to remember that that not everything you’ve heard is true. There are several common myths that can […]
Restaurant I read the news today, oh boy… I was heartbroken when I read the news that Northlake Tavern and Pizza House is closing their doors as of January 31st.  Northlake Tavern, located near the north end of Lake Union in Seattle  near the U District, has been serving the same quality pizza since they opened their doors in 1954. I started going […]
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Home upkeep Is your garage ready for an EV car? Love them or hate them, electric vehicles will be our future.  A small percentage of people own them now, but the push is out there to get more people to own them.  I personally own a Toyota Prius Prime, which is a PHEV…a plug-in hybrid.  It is the best of both worlds, as the car […]
Escrow The in’s and out’s of the Escrow process.   The process of buying a home is made up of several stages. After preliminary stages like getting pre-approved, searching for homes, and finding a buyer’s agent, various contracts and buyer-seller agreements will enter the fold as the purchase of a home is finalized. Escrow is a pivotal point in the buying process that will ultimately lead […]
Home upkeep Colorful Modern Design Trends for Your Home Designing your home can feel like trying to put together a puzzle. While neutrals can help create consistency and set a calming tone in your home, color is often the missing puzzle piece that ties everything together and gives your home the life you’re looking for. Certain color combinations can create a sense of timelessness while others […]
Real Estate Western Washington’s 1st Quarter Real Estate update REGIONAL ECONOMIC OVERVIEW In the summer and fall of 2020, Western Washington regained some of the jobs lost due to COVID-19, but employment levels in the region have been in a holding pattern ever since. As of February, the region had recovered 132,000 of the 297,000 jobs that were lost, but that still leaves the […]
Real Estate 2020 Real Estate Stats Who would have thought that our real estate market would have gone crazy this past year, in the midst of a global pandemic?  Inventory was at an all time low, as were interest rates.  And even with unemployment hitting double figures, there were more buyers than sellers.  Multiple offers were common, and offers higher than […]
Escrow How to avoid wire fraud A fast-growing form of cybercrime, wire fraud has led to major losses for homebuyers in recent years. Get to know what it is and what steps you can take to avoid it. What is wire fraud? Real estate wire fraud is a scam that targets buyers while making payments during the home buying process. Attackers […]
Uncategorized GO HAWKS! As the “Official Real Estate Company of the Seattle Seahawks,” all of us at Windermere are proud to kick off our fifth season of partnering with the Seahawks to #TackleHomelessness. For every defensive tackle made at a Seahawks home game this season, Windermere will donate $100 to Mary’s Place in support of their mission to provide safe, […]
Uncategorized Everything you wanted to know about curb appeal, but were afraid to ask. When it comes time to sell your home, first impressions are crucial. Improving your curb appeal helps to make the most of a buyer’s first glance and sets the stage for their interest in purchasing your home. The following projects are simple and inexpensive ways to enhance both your home’s first impression and its value. […]
Uncategorized Is it time to go solar? For homeowners looking to reduce their home’s carbon footprint, increase its sustainability, and add value to their property, going solar is an obvious choice. Understanding how solar works and how to maximize its benefits are key first steps in your journey to becoming a solar energy-producing household. How does solar work? The technology that turns […]
Uncategorized A wild month in July for real estate sales July was another busy and crazy month for real estate sales in Snohomish County.  A whopping 44% of all listings sold for over the list price – averaging 3% over the listed sales price.  This does not mean that you can list your home at any price you choose and get a higher offer.  These […]
Real Estate HOT market in Snohomish County Who would have thought, when the pandemic hit, that our real estate market would go absolutely crazy a few months later?  At the end of June, in Snohomish County, we have less than 1 month of inventory.  This are historic numbers.  As is the average sales price…hitting a historic high. Do you want a definition […]
Family Whether living or passed away… Please remember your Dad on Father’s Day.